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Dear Cadets,

Welcome all of you to the NAFS- National Academy of Fire & Safety Engineering, Nagpur. I congratulate you for your decision to devote your career to this noble service, and also choosing for NAFS Fire and Safety Organization. We are privileged to welcome the new batch of cadets. complete your training with hard work and full dedication. My Academy will present you a pleasant environment with all the strong educational and placement support to become a successful Fire & Safety Engineer and make you mentally and physically strong so that you become a strong human being and make your invaluable contribution in the service of the nation.

For Today’s Generation, Fire & Safety engineering presents an opportunity where there is very high demand in govt., private & corporate sectors like defence service, civil fire station, municipal corporation, national thermal power station, air-craft, cargo-hub, shipping corporation, power plants, steel plants, petrochemicals, refineries, textile-cotton industries, sponge iron plant, mining industry, civil construction company, tower company, food industry, electronics company, coal industry, paper industry, plastic-polymer and many more industries in India and gulf countries also, where job options are tremendous. job security absolute, chance to work in abroad with more and more salaries. fire & safety engineering is a field to which all aspects of scientific & technical knowledge pertaining to the safety are linked. It involves study of subjects that deal with the designing and installation of fire protection systems, in depth understanding of the science of fire, its hazards and control measures, various associated engineering subjects, prevention & protection of industrial safety & its management and other psychological grooming required to make a self-reliant fire and safety engineer.

The rise in demand for Fire & Safety Engineering as a branch is closely linked to industrial growth because increased growth implies more focus on production in addition to the establishment of new plant. To ensure that the production plant with their machineries keep delivering the goods it is important that trained people be there to ensure safety, maintenance in case of breakdown, accident, damage control at the earliest, Construction, especially multi-storeyed structures is another field of requirement where Fire Engineering & Safety Personnel are an absolute must.

Fire Engineering and Industrial Safety as a career option is fast catching up with the students in India. A rough assessment of the Industrial and Government demand puts the requirement at over 50,000 fire and safety personnel every year. The stage is similar to the advent of the computer resolution 25 years back. Fire and Safety Engineering is a field to which all aspects of Science & Technical knowledge pertaining to Fire and Safety is linked. It involves study of subjects that deals with the designing of safer fire-resistant equipment's and plants; in depth understanding of the Science of Fire & Safety; its hazards and control measures in various associated engineering subjects; Managerial functions which aid in managing a fire fighting alone with other grooming required to make a self-reliant Fire-Safety Officer.

Gulf is the biggest fire prone area in the world, because it has the largest storage of oil. Undoubtedly the highest budget of fire prevention and fire protection spent in the world is in the Gulf. They prevent fire by increasing the safety awareness of the people. That translates into thousands of job openings in the field of Safety as Safety Engineers, Officers and Supervisors. They also reduce the risk of fire by installing the latest of fire protection systems. As a result the largest installed base of fire protection systems in the world is the Gulf. This translates into thousands of people required in designing, installing, servicing of the fire protection systems.

Anybody looking for a career in computer today is merely adding to the completion, not creating a great opportunity as the initial batches would have. So, Fire & Safety Engineering gives you a 10 years head start as compared to the other fields.

success is achieved by those, who dare to dream and work upon their dreams thus explore the possibilities of whole world who remain confident and firm about their decision and keep focusing on their goal. You can be one of them if you adapt above qualities in you. It is said that if we have solid determination there are lot of ways to achieve target.

We value your TRUST.....
We value your RIGHTS.....
We value your TIME.....
We value YOU.....
We value our NAME.....

Don't wait for tomorrow, as it never comes, do all good actions at present only. First come, first served.

जय हिन्द.. जय सुरक्षा..

Top Fire and Safety Courses

Diploma in Fire-Safety and Hazards Management

Eligibility: 10th Class Or Above

Diploma in Fire Sub Officer

Eligibility: 10th +2 / ITI or Equivalent

PG Diploma in Fire-Safety and Hazards Management

Eligibility: Any Graduation

PG Diploma in Industrial Safety

Eligibility: BSc./Diploma (Poly)/BE/B.Tech

Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety

Eligibility: BSc./Diploma (Poly)/BE/B.Tech + 1 Yr. Industrial Exp.

Bsc. Fire-Safety and Hazard Management (Lateral Entry)

Eligibility - Hsc. Sci Or Equiv + 1/2 Yr. Fire & Safety Dip.

Admission Enquiry Form

National Academy of Fire and Safety Engineering mainly known as NAFS is an National-International Awarded Organization and This is a India’s Biggest & No. 1 Fire and Safety Education Network imparting professional and quality training courses of fire engineering, safety management, industrial safety, occupational health, environmental science, first aid and disaster management as a national level through AAC/ACC Centre’s. Right Now, 200+ NAFS centers are successfully running in all over India for serve service to nation in the field of fire and safety as well as emergency planning. NAFS Head-Quarter located at the center of the India- "Nagpur - The Orange City", Maharashtra. NAFS National Campus situated at Nagpur City and spread around in 15 acres with natural environment and surrounding area with all ultra-modern facilities to train best of best fire-safety professional and to achieve the goal of disaster free nation. This is Asia’s most famous & No. 1 fire and safety college and most significant attraction for students from all over India and abroad who aspire to carve a career in the sphere of fire & safety. It is big residential fire-safety campus of central India to provide world-class fire and safety training viz. physical drill, scot drill, rescue drill, fire drill, ladder drill, adventure activities etc. NAFS got many more National-International Awards from govt-non govt organizations viz. Best fire & safety engineering college of India, Best fire & safety academy, Best fire and safety education training academy, No. 1 fire college of India, Best fire and safety institute, Top institute of fire and safety management and many more.. NAFS Team is always dedicated to provide world-class fire and safety training and best placement opportunities to the cadet’s bright future in the field of fire and safety.

National Campus

NAFS Fire & Safety College, Z.N. 101, Adyali Point, Vihirgaon, Umred Road, Nagpur-441204(MH)
Ph: +91-9075-045-101

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Head Office

NAFS House, P. N. 101, Reshimbagh Layout, Reshimbagh, Nagpur, Maharashtra- 440024
Ph: 0712-2952101

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